Bunny Williams' Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Bunny Williams, interior designer of the 2015 Idea House, shares her secrets for pulling off an easy outdoor party.


I'm Bunny Williams. I am the interior designer for the 2015 Southern Living Idea House. I think that if for outdoor entertaining I often use the same things that I use inside. Except I now have a lot of things that are made out of melamine. Melamine's a plastic, and they're plastic glasses. I never thought I would use plastic plates but now they're so attractive. And those are easy to store outside if you have a place to put them because they're not gonna break and they're gonna be much more practical if somebody drops something. If their kids, just makes entertaining less of a stress. And I think that what you really need outside is you need a big serving table, you need a place to put the potato salad, to put the. Prized tomatoes to put the platter, cause you're fixing inside. You're usually cooking everything inside, so it's important to have not only the table and the chairs, but as big a table as you can have for your buffet. That's where I put my plates, my glasses, pitchers with lemonade and iced tea, the bottle of wine. And then everybody can help themselves and sit outside. [MUSIC]
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