2016 Idea House: The Family Room

Step inside our 2016 Idea House in Birmingham, Alabama. In the family room, Birmingham-based architect Bill Ingram mixes Southern practicality with eclectic modern art, natural textures, and an extravagant tented ceiling. Connected to the deep green kitchen, Bill's family room is brightened with lots of soft neutrals, and has plenty of seating for entertaining.


The photo from the archives from a family room that we were given to sort of to gather inspiration from, was a really great old American family room with brick walls, wooden beams, we knew we weren't gonna have any of that, so, how do we get that character of all of that want that was so familiar to all of us [MUSIC] The dark green I think brought us the warm and the coziness that the wood beams and brick walls had. The tented ceiling which we haven't done in a long time brings your eye up in this room and somebody made the comment walking in here that it just seems quite when you walk in here. I think the tented ceiling is a little bit of a 1960s throwback. They generally have this valance to go around them, which helps you conceal the workings for attaching the edge of the tent and joining it to the curtains hanging below it. We wanted to show how attainable it is and how easy it is with a little thought and enough fabric to pull it off. Something like this is attainable if you go and search for fabric by the bulk. It's no more expensive than a lot of other treatments that you can do in a room with this much impact. We started the room's design with the idea of the tented ceiling, and the draped corner panels, with matching upholstered furniture. This is a room for relaxing. Watching TV. We've got a big TV on the wall. We've got one whole wall open to the kitchen. And we want people to be able to come in here and bring whatever they're eating and sit. If you don't always want to sit at a formal dining room or at the kitchen island. The game table we did does double duty as dining or game table. For the walls, we decided to get framed botanicals from black hole botanicals. She goes out in the field and gathers natural plants, dries and presses them and has them framed. Gray, black and white is the pretty hard and rigid color scheme in this room. We needed a little relief from it. So we got Katherine Jones to do the large abstract painting for us. With the direction I gave her on color scheme, I turned her loose and her painting showed up for this house and we all loved it. [MUSIC]
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