2016 Idea House: The Upstairs Bedroom

Step inside our 2016 Idea House in Birmingham, Alabama. Designer Ashley Gilbreath tackled clipped ceilings in the home's upstairs bedroom head-on: She created two separate nooks along the slanted walls with elegant curtains. "If you can't recognize the architecture, you can't pull off good design," she says. Her room was inspired by a 1976 issue of Southern Living, taking cues from the built-in cabinetry and mustard yellow hues.


I would say my own decorating style is pretty transitional. I think we try to pull in a lot of the old and a lot of the new and make it look very timeless and not something that is too fussy or too over the and a tap but comfortable. So we were given some older, some lemon images from the editors to pull off inspiration from. They were good 60s, 70s colors, the greens, and the yellows, lots of built in to the wall cabinetry. We had the fun challenge of a bedroom with the two out of four walls being clipped which are always a real fun challenges It's hard when you have a clipped ceiling to get a focal point, because the clip comes down over where your eye hits, and so you can't hang out on it, you can't do anything to draw your eye up. We ended up going with a linen on the walls to be able to treat the clipped area. I've been kind of calling it a tented look, it's not really an overall tent but the kind of balance makes it look like it is. So it allowed for a good little nook for a sofa and seating area. The valance with the fabric on the walls hopefully pulls in that built-in to the wall cabinet effect. It has its own little kinda quirky personality. The bedroom is in a small space. To be able to pull off a seating area, and a bed, and an extra kinda little nook in there, that's a lot to kind of put into a bedroom. To get a queen sized bed in there we ended up trading the headboard area as a little bit of a larger space. We drew some great little sconce night stands and had our iron guy whip them up real quick for us. The headboard has to be low enough so that you can still see the window and good amount of daylight in there... In here, which means that your mattress can't be very high, and then you don't want your pillows to stand out much because you miss the headboard. I think we pulled off on the space that your eye is drawn from the floor all the way up. So you have details from the foot of the bed to all the way up to the top. I hope someone will walk away and think that it's elegant and it's timeless. It doesn't necessarily peg one style. It makes it a little bit more fun and creative. [MUSIC]
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