2016 Idea House: The Pajama Lounge

Step inside our 2016 Idea House in Birmingham, Alabama. Dallas-based designer Amy Berry took inspiration for this patterned pajama lounge from a 1974 issue of Southern Living. To replicate the vintage room's cozy warmth, she covered all of the walls and ceilings with one tonal, animal-print fabric. She also created comfy seating areas with a glamorous tête-à-tête and L-shaped corner banquettes.


I wanted this room to be a cozy kind of loungy room which is what a pajama lounge I guess should be. If you look at our archival photo its a ton of patterns like being among the walls and then a floral on the bed. My decorating style is definitely a mix. I think a lot of times it is an interpretation of kind of the families we work with. In my personal opinion, I feel like home should reflect the people that live in them. A lot of what I do is traditionally based, but there's always kind of a mix of European or modern or whatever it is. I've kind of always envisioned me and all my girl friends being able to hang out in this room, which is why there are a lot of little places to kind of perch and, for lack of a better word, gossip. The tenant tent and ventakesh and everything else, I just kind of always thought this room would be so perfect to hang out and read magazines and have a cocktail. I feel in love with this piece of furniture, and it was kind of one of those things where it's like, at some point, I have to find a place to use it. I love how it allows for a whole bunch of people to kind of sit around the room and talk to each other. And I think it helps zone everything off really nicely. I love blues, so I'm always incorporating Influence some way or another into rooms. But I think with the print being what it is, everything else we kind of chose to do a little bit softer so that we could bring in kind of these smokier blues and deeper blues, which I think makes it kind of playful and fun. We did the fabric everywhere. Putting as much pattern as we did everywhere did kind of the opposite of You would think rather than it going busy, it's a little bit more calming. And I think it makes the banquettes kind of disappear in the background, which I think is nice.>> I think one of the strongest design takeaways for this room is going to be the pattern and just how you can get away with using. As much powder as there is in here. When you have a room like this, with the pitches and everything else, it limits your ability for artwork. So by wrapping the room, whether it be wallpaper or fabric, instantly finishes things off. And it warms everything up and makes things a little bit cozier. [MUSIC]
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