2016 Idea House: Outdoor Spaces

Welcome to our 2016 Idea House! With the choice of a corner lot in the community of Mt Laurel, Birmingham-based architect Bill Ingram decided on a stunning wraparound porch that faces both streets. With such woodsy, beautiful surroundings, it was also natural that additional outdoor spaces, such as a dining terrace designed by Margaret Kirkland, were created for entertaining.


[MUSIC] I love outdoor spaces because they can be more casual than your interior spaces. I love having seating groupings the way I would inside but I like a more relaxed, comfortable arrangement. I'd love a swing on a front porch for you to sit and relax and enjoy the weather. You have the swing for sitting as well as the settee and club chairs which is so great. Right Right outside the living room. I love also incorporating plants, in planters, so you have greenery on a porch. I think that's really nice to showcase and envelope windows and doors. Here on our terrace, we put an outdoor dining table, because I love eating al fresco meals, when the weather's so beautiful. We also have separate sitting by the fire pit and in the party cabana. We got to use these beautiful, velars, slick silhouettes but at the same time they're so comfortable and deep and gracious, that you can really relax and lounge for hours We knew instantly we had to have the party cabana out on our terrace. It is so fantastic and fun. It's a great little escape. So I felt like that black and white tinting stripes really drive the rest of our terrace design. We also love throwing in some Some bright colors outside, so we really had fun playing with all of those patterns and colors together. It's really a place where people can go and relax, or it'd be a great attraction for a party. The terrace has definitely it's own space, with it's own personality.
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