2016 Idea House Tour

Welcome to the 2016 Southern Living Idea House! In honor of our 50th anniversary, we picked five of the South's best designers –Mark D. Sikes, Lauren Liess, Margaret Kirkland, Ashley Gilbreath, and Amy Berry – and set them loose to decorate this beautiful Mt Laurel cottage. Designed by architect Bill Ingram, the space is a fresh take on traditional Southern style without sacrificing any of the charm. Trust us – you'll want to step inside for a tour.


[MUSIC] I like for all of my work to look like it belongs where it is being built. And it responds to the land and the place where it is. And all of that really influences how I go about laying the house out from the start. [MUSIC] I think in a southern house, structure and texture and those kinda things just build a space. [MUSIC] There's an intimacy I think to a southerners home and immediately when you walk into a southerners home you feel comfortable, you feel welcome> [MUSIC]. I was really inspired by the architecture of the house and just the way it's a graceful house. [MUSIC] Southerners typically have done a lot of their living and entertaining at home. We're all about our house and all the things in it that we like and bringing in things we've gotten from other places or things that we've had. Reusing it, [MUSIC]. Southerners appreciate antiques. And, I think it's also, about the whole room is not filled with every that's new. There are layers of, the past. And, I think that's what makes the room so beautiful. [MUSIC]. I think the use of a lot of natural materials and textures, and the layering of those kind of, natural things Really helps people feel welcome and warm in a space. [MUSIC] For me, designing a room always starts with fabrics. I am a firm believer that if you love it you can make it work together [MUSIC] For some reason I've been drown forever to colors that just pulled outdoors in. I think comfortable colors make it just feel warm and not too fuzzy. These feel like very organic colors and I think that anytime you are inspired by nature there is a timeless quality. [MUSIC] I would hope people would leave feeling like they could create something interesting on their own walls out of Things that they picked up over time that can look really amazing.
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