2008 Idea House: Verona Park Dining Room

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Dining Room with our editor Todd Childs.


The Verona part dining room is to me absolutely a treasure chest of, of look. Everything about that room is so put together and unusual. There are a lot of innovative things that were done in here. There's an open hutch in the dining room that actually is great for storage. But because it is only painted one shade darker than the walls, it actually blends with the wall color. To make that stand out, to make that a little bit more of focal point, they actually hung a painting over the open shelving. So, if you're like me and you certainly need places to hide things. That would also be a good place to, to stick glassware and things like that. But you still have that painting, so the hutch actually serves as a, a frame for the painting in addition to the frame that's on the painting. It's, it's a very clever idea. The chairs in the dining room are actually Elizabethan style chairs. The back of the chair is actually upholstered in a red fabric that ties into the border in the rug. So it's a very unified look. As innovative as anything else in the dining room is the way that the table is actually set. There is a linen runner that actually runs the width of the table, as opposed to the length. And then at either end of the table, at the head of the table on both ends, serving trays were actually used as place mats. That is one of the most innovating things I see. I think it's so great looking. It would of been very easy for this room to have been dark, and, and heavy. There's a lot of architecture in this room. This room has that incredible growing vault over the, the dining table. So to keep the focus on that everything was kept very light, very neutral. Not neutral, there is quite a bit of color, but it's very soft color. And so there's no one thing that demands you look at it all the time. The painting is certainly a very strong focal point. But it does not detract away from the ceiling, which is the clear star of the room.
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