2008 Idea House: North Carolina Sneek Peek

Enjoy a quick preview of the design and features from our 2008 North Carolina Idea House.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Tracy Currents with Alchemy Design Studio in Asheville, North Carolina. Welcome to the 2008 Southern Living idea home at Whisper Mountain. [MUSIC] From the day one, we wanted this to be a green home. At Alchemy Design, we do a lot of environmental design. It's definitely one of our priorities. Everybody was on the same page as far as going green. In this project. [MUSIC] We really tried to keep it as local as possible. So, the architecture of the home it has roots of Asheville. The style of the house is what I would call a Madison County Farm House style. When we moved into the inside, we tried to take it a little bit more contemporary. A little bit more clean lines, and really try to speak to a family who would be living here, in a little bit more of a modern day way. [MUSIC]
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