Verona Park Idea House Tour

Take a video tour of our 2008 Texas Idea House with our editor Todd Childs.


Hi, I'm Todd Childs Assistant Homes Editor for Southern Living Magazine, and welcome to the 2008 Idea House in Fort Worth, Texas, Verona Park. The thing that makes Verona Park distinctive among, not only the other Idea Houses, but just houses that we see in general, is that It's not a recreation of a European style. It is an American take on European architecture. And it's more reminiscent of the 1920s, 1930s style of architecture that was being built all across America at that time, rather than a duplication of some 17th or 18th century European chateau. The elements that define the European influence are the Palladian window that's seen next to the front door, the arch door itself. Arches are a theme throughout the house. There's a groin vault in the dining room which is absolutely incredible, but it's the scale that makes it more distinctly American. It's much more pared down. There's an intimacy about the house that makes it much more livable and digestable when you take it in rather than being so grand and overblown. The facade of the house is actually a painted brick, which, as opposed to stucco is much more in keeping with that sort of Americana look. There's a Spanish tile roof which is very common in Texas. This is a very Texas house. Very evocative of, of its place and the time it, it kind of represents. Everything about the landscaping of Verona Park was actually designed to complement the house. You, you really think of it as one work, the entire yard. The house is the focal point, the crown jewel, but everything else is, is made to focus on that. So it's very orderly, very symmetrical, and quite formal, which is also sort of alluding to the, to the European influence.
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