Verona Park Master Bedroom

Take a video tour of the 2008 Texas Idea House Master Bedroom with our editor Todd Childs.


Now the master bedroom in this house is all about relaxation. I mean it rests your eyes as, as well as your body, because there's no one thing in that room that absolutely demands your attention when you come in because of its color. So you really get stuck on form and texture. The bed in here absolutely begs for you to, to come and get on it. There are actually two chairs in the master bedroom. Sort of a French inspired chair with a needlepoint tapestry upholstery. Which is very similar to the [FOREIGN] rugs that are throughout the house as well. Tones in the secretary in that room, everything in that room is very subdued, very muted. And this is one of the only rooms in the house, certainly on the first floor, that is wall to wall carpet. So the entire idea of this room is plush, and soft, and comfortable. And I think it hit they hit it spot on. [MUSIC]
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