2008 Idea House: Verona Park Living Room

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Living Room with our editor Todd Childs.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Now the living space, the, the family room that attaches with the kitchen in Verona Park is actually quite a large room, but it's so easy to clutter a large room when you don't really consider your furniture placement. And one of the things about this place that I think is so well done is the symmetry. Symmetry is always orderly, it's always clean, it's always so easy to take in right away. So you really can get a very high impact look with symmetry. One of the, the fantastic things in here, fireplaces is flanked not only by the symmetrical bookshelves, but also by those toughed wing back chairs. Across the back of the room, leading out to the back yard, you have those three french doors that go across. As not to make those doors feel shorter, because it's very grand space, they actually took the curtain rod above the door and long straight panels actually hang [MUSIC] To flank those doors which just set them off. It's almost like, framing a painting. If you consider the backyard a painting the drapes are actually the perfect frame for that painting. Adding to the grandeur of the family room and, and to make this really almost a cathedral-like space They have exposed beams in the vaulted ceiling. And then there, those are smaller windows at the top that actually correspond with the French doors. One of probably the most grand things in this house is one of the things that you, you would never really get the full benefit of unless you went upstairs, and that is the window that overlooks the family room from the upstairs hallway. It's a fully functional window exactly like a window that would be outside, but it opens and closes. So, rather than an open railing, you get the benefit of being able to close that window, it still admits light but at different times of the year depending on how you wanna keep the house heated and cooled, it actually will seal off [MUSIC] That upstairs so that for example in the, in the winter all the heat doesn't rise and go into the upstairs rooms it stays right there in the family room. So it's actually very smart in, in addition to being beautiful.
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