2008 Idea House: Verona Park Kitchen

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Kitchen with our editor Todd Childs.


[MUSIC] To me, one of the greatest rooms in the house is of course, the kitchen. The kitchen is probably gonna be the most used room in the house. This is really a cook's kitchen. It's not a lot of grandeur, overblown for ridiculous purposes, everything has its place. It's actually quite a compact kitchen, but very functional. The bar height is actually a little higher than normal, which on the island which actually makes it quite easy for chopping and, and projects. The interior designer of the house actually said that she intentionally made the bar of the island that height so that you didn't have a broken island. So on one side, it would have been higher where the stools would have been. It would have been lower on the other side. So by keeping it at that height, you actually have more unbroken, usable space, rather than having two smaller divided spaces. Not a lot of upper cabinetry in this house, which keeps it much more open and in such a relatively small space, would have really made it feel closed in which this certainly does not. The range is actually set back into an alcove. The beam over the range, actually does have almost a rusticated sense about it. Certainly not, it, in fact it's actually rather sophisticated. Kinda refined. Almost reminiscent of an Italian kitchen. That you might find in the wine country and that's kind of the sense you get when you're in this house. It's certainly the Italian taste of that. One of the great things about the cabinetry in Verona Park is that it's actually all quite simple. Simple white cabinetry throughout the entire house, but what they did to make it individual was that they use sort of an Eastlake style drawer pull. It really is that last little detail that makes the look come together. And I think it's absolutely one of the stars of the house. Subtle, but great. You know it's actually quite easy to, to take away some of these ideas in this house, easy to steal some ideas and it's very simple. Never underestimate the durability and the beauty of a warm wood countertop it, it's a little homier I think, a little softer on the eye. Which the kitchen should be the most welcoming room in the house.
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