2008 Idea House: Verona Park Floor Plan

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Floor Plan with our editor Todd Childs.


When building a house or, or furnishing a room, everybody talks about space. And just because you have space doesn't mean you have to have everything in that space. Don't be afraid to let a room breathe. Don't be afraid to let the space [MUSIC] Focus you on the pieces that you have. Choose the things that you really love, that are really great and put those things in there. Frame your favorite things with the adequate amount of space. It's like hanging a painting. You should never hang two great paintings on the same wall. They're gonna compete with each other. So by the same token, don't stick every great chair in your house in the same room. Decide where they're gonna go, and be very spare. Give yourself room to move around. And give your eye room to move around within the space.
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