2008 Idea House: Verona Park Fabric Choices

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Fabric Choices with our editor Todd Childs.


The fabric choices were very important in this house. Now because this was, this was built as a family house, this is not a showplace. This was meant to be lived in so the designer of the house actually chose to use the more expensive fabrics like silks and that sort of thing in the draperies. So, the fabrics on the hardworking pieces like the sofa and the chairs are actually more durable fabrics that coordinate tonally, the colors coordinate with the drapes but there's not a lot of silk in areas that would be high traffic or high use. So, that's actually a very smart way to still get in those high end items without having to worry about them being used because they're simply for show. They don't get touched. [MUSIC]
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