2008 Idea House: Verona Park Boy's Room

Take a video tour of the Verona Park Idea House Boy's Room with our editor Todd Childs.


Now one of the absolute most clever things in the house are the head boards in the boy's bedroom. They are very gothic, arched head board. They are upholstered, but they actually have a Scott set directly over the upholstered head board which makes a reading light. And it, it's the one thing that all of us walked into the room. We were shooting and I said oh my God, that is the neatest thing we've seen. But it's such a simple element and such a simple thing that somebody could do at home. And rather than do a traditional bench seat underneath the window, which they actually chose to set a table inside that nook with two chairs. [MUSIC] So it would give the kids not only place to do homework, but to play games or whatever. And also that can be moved out later and, and any other thing, a sofa, a small settee could be set into that space. So, it really expands the potential for use for that space later on. Rather than having a built in bench that is. [MUSIC] You know, they are permanently without some sort of demolition. [MUSIC]
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