Taylor Creek Idea House Tour

Take a video tour of the Mississippi Idea House with our editor Julia Hamilton.


[MUSIC] I'm Julia Hamilton, Senior Homes Writer for Southern Living, and I want to welcome you to Taylor Creek, the 2008 Idea House in Taylor, Mississippi. The neighborhood in which this house is located is called Plenair. And it takes its name from the practice of panning up in the air or in the open air. The developer Campbell Maccu was inspired by, the community of artists who live in the Taylor, Mississippi area. Many of their products are used in furnishing the house. The art in the house really helps to communicate that this is a fun place to be. It's colorful and carefree and, and very informal. I had a very interesting conversation with the interior designer, and she initially told me that her goal was to make this house as though you were living inside a painting. But with Mississippi roots, and I think she truly accomplished that very well. With such an emphasis on art in the house, there are built-ins used for display and for storage. In the loggia there's a set of built-ins flanking the doorway. Built in's at the foot of the stair case. They are useful for storage and then, an additional set of shelving in the kitchen is used for storing glassware and China. [MUSIC] Salvaged materials are used throughout the house to give warmth, and, those materials include the antique cart kind. For the floor. And then, salvaged doors that have been stripped and left in their natural state serve as interior doors throughout
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