Taylor Creek Master Bedroom

Take a video tour of the 2008 Mississippi Idea House Master Bedroomwith our editor Julia Hamilton.


The nest veteran contains several new products from the Southern Living bedding collection. Soft colors and luxurious fabrics make the bedding really appealing and comfortable looking. The ceilings in the house were already nice and tall, but the designer emphasized the height by placing the curtain rods closer to the ceiling. And the drapery panels in the master bedroom are of marimekko fabric, which is a very soft, and a, appealing pattern in shades of beige and light green, and white. The master bathroom is really just as elegant and sophisticated as the rest of the house. Attention was given to making all the details really special. The stone countertops, the tile work, the faucets, and all the hardware, was specially chosen to lend an air of elegance and sophistication.
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