Tips for an Organized Kitchen

We're helping you optimize your kitchen space with convenience in mind.


Kitchens are notorious for being cluttered. Optimize yours for efficiency and presentation with these simple organization tips. Convenience is key, so store your most used pots and pans close to the stovetop. Also, keep spatulas and tongs within reach. Categorize your cabinets strategically. To make clean up easy, store your dishes and silverware near the dishwasher for easy unloading. And while many people keep all of their glasses, cups, and mugs in one cabinet, a better solution is to store mugs separately above the coffee maker, along with coffee beans, filters, and sweeteners. Most people intuitively store parchment paper with aluminum foil and plastic wrap. But a smarter solution is to stash it with your cookie sheets. That way when you're ready to bake, you won't have to dig around to find it. Free up your counter space for cooking. That huge stand mixer is taking up valuable real estate. Keep the tools and appliances you use most at arms reach in the kitchen. Store everything else in the pantry, and bring it out when you need it. Save yourself time with every recipe by keeping a cake stand or Lazy Susan close to the stove to stock with your staples. Olive oil, garlic, small dishes of salt and pepper, and your favorite spices to easily grab quick pinch. Anything you use weekly should go here. When it comes to your pantry, imagine a grocery store. Think of each shelf as a different [UNKNOWN] and store your pantry items accordingly. Canned goods, baking ingredients, drinks, and snack foods. Have a deep pantry? Try using a space making shelf or tiered cabinet organizer to help with visibility. You don't want to risk buying more of what you already have simply because it was hiding in the recesses of your pantry. For more kitchen wisdom, visit [MUSIC]
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