How To Make A Porch Succulent Arrangement

Potted succulent arrangements are a great, no-fuss way to add a pop of green to your porch. Find out how to choose and upkeep a succulent arrangement that lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day with an easy tutorial from Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen.


It's porch season in the south, which if you're not from the region, means it's summer time. Once the days start getting longer and the mornings are cool, the porch is where you want to be. Follow along to make this super easy succulent arrangement that will last outdoors on your porch from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Succulents are so easy, and they come in all sorts of different variety. So make sure you get a few tall and spiky ones. And you also should get a few lower, more fleshy ones. One by one, lift them out of their container and place the succulent into the soil. By removing some of the roots, it makes it easier for the succulent to lay flat in the potting soil. Add another layer of potting soil to make everything level so that they're secure in the soil. Don't dump water on the succulents that would actually drown them. Instead, dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle it around just to give them a nice little mist. After everything feels damp to the touch sprinkle your river rocks evenly throughout for a more uniform look. They'll help keep the potting soil and your plants in place. And even though you've finished this really easy arrangement, you're not quite done yet if you want this to last you through the summer. Use your fingers to tell if the soil's really dry. Once it's dry, just give it a little sprinkle, and it'll last you and your porch all summer long. [MUSIC]
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