Make Your Own Valentine's Day Wreath

Share the love this Valentine's Day by hanging a nandina berry heart wreath from your front door! Follow along as we show you how to make this heartfelt decoration.

Step-by-Step with Pictures: Nandina Heart Wreath


This Valentine's Day, spread the love with this heart-shaped berry wreath. You'll need wire, scissors, Nandina berries and a heart-shaped wooden wreath form. Gather several branches from a Nandina shrub. Nandina berries are at their peak in February. Cut off short bunches, about 6 to 8 inches long. Then cut your wire in strips about nine inches in length. Secure the berry bunches to the wreath using the wire. Repeat this process until the wreath is fully covered. Some of the berries will fall off while you arrange them, so it's important to do this craft in a space clear of pets. Nandina berries are poisonous to dogs and cats. Once the wreath is covered you may need to trip or adjust some of the branches to match the cute heart design. And that's all it takes to have a beautiful heart shaped wreath for your sweetheart. For more step by step crafts check out southern living.
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