Meet Chef John Hall And His Mother, Marion

Many credit Chef John Hall's success to his experience cooking in high-end New York kitchens, but Hall will tell you the real credit goes to his mother, Marion, and grandmother, Louellen Wilkins. "Our family meals were geared around comfort in good times and bad," he says. "That was the thing that made me interested in cooking: Food brought people together and made them happy."

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My name is John Hall. I'm chef/owner of Post Office Pies. I'm Marian Hall, I'm John's mom. As a child John enjoyed being in the kitchen. He loved to cook. He loved to experiment and create things and always trying to cook something. One of my favorite memories is My mom and I making cookies. He bakes some cookies one night and I took them to choir rehearsal and people say, you giving these away or selling them? So I was just letting people sample them. they said let these be the last free cookies you give away. An I still make cookies. Yeah, she makes the best. [MUSIC]
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