How To Make Gold Leaf Gilded Eggs

Instead of using traditional colors, give your Easter eggs an extra sparkle with gold leaf. We’ll show you how to create the perfect egg, step-by-step.


[MUSIC] If you're tired of the same old Easter egg colors and patterns try gold this year you'll need Speedball's Mona Lisa gold leaf kit, two one inch foam paint brushes, hard boiled eggs, tissue or wax paper, styrofoam, toothpicks and cheesecloth. These gold leaf sheets are really thin, so make sure you're working in a room with no draft. To start, you'll need to make a drying rack. All you need is a piece of styrofoam, and tooth picks. You need four toothpicks for each egg. These will form a base for the eggs. This method works a lot better than using egg. Crates. Once your eggs are cool, apply the gold leaf adhesive all over an egg with a foam brush. Then let that dry on the drying rack. Once the adhesive is dry and tacky, place a sheet of tissue paper or wax paper on your. Palm then place one sheet of the gold leaf on top of the paper. Place an egg in the middle of the gold leaf and close your palm to cover the egg. If you have gaps when covering the egg, apply more adhesive and wait until it's tacky. Then, fill the gaps with extra gold leaf. Gently rub off the excess with a cheese cloth. You can save the rub offs for your next egg. Once it's covered, paint the gold leaf sealer all over the egg with the second foam brush. Place it on the drying rack and once it's done, you'll have a gorgeous golden egg. For more fun craft projects, check out Southern Living.
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