Live with Craft Box Girls: Creative Coffee Table Trays

Join us live with Craft Box Girls founder Lynn Lilly, who's demonstrating how to turn an old frame into a cute serving tray. All you'll need? An old frame, some paint, some glue, and a few kitchen handles. Find the tutorial here: Creative Coffee Table Trays.


Let's try it. Hey all, thanks for joining us today. My name is Abbi Wilt. I'm assistant digital editor here at Southern Living and I am here with Lynn Lilly who is a master craft queen with Craft Box Girl. She's going to be showing us today how to make a really, really cute Mother's Day craft that's virtually I mean it;s so easy and it's so inexpensive and it's just such a great gift for mom. Absolutely and thank you so much for having me. And thanks for calling me a master cooker. See her work, it's true. So today we are going to talk about mother's day right? I was at my mom have like everything I never knew what to get her. But she loves when I do the hand made pour. She has a little time, a little fuss. Yeah, of course. And a little love into it. So, today we're going to make a frame into a tray. Wow. So, you're mom can use it in the kitchen, she can use it in the living room, on her vanity, on the side table, and you can customize it, whether you're picking out a patter for the inside of it, or, Sounds like the perfect gift. Take a look here. You've got this looks super cute. We've got it stylized with books. She can put her phone on it. Very simple, very easy. I know what I love about this project is that it can actually cost you nothing. So if you have an old frame at home, you could use an old frame and upcycle it, which is one of my favorite To do. Or if you need to buy one they sell these plain wooden ones at the craft store for under ten dollars. That would be perfect. So this project can be a Mother's Day gift for under $20. Perfect. [UNKNOWN] your mom will love it. Yeah, and this is something that kids could kind of help with too, right. Absolutely, so this is for all ages. So let me tell you what we need. You saw that we need the frame. We're also gonna be using the Waverly Chalk Paint. I love this paint cuz it's got a great chalk finish, it dries quickly, and you don't have to prime your surface. We're also gonna be using Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish. We're also going to use kitchen hardware. You may recognize something like this. Yes, of course. You've seen it on the kitchen cabinet. You may have some extras if you just did a renovation or you can pick these up at the hardware store from anywhere like a $1.50 to $3.00. So again, very inexpensive. And then we're gonna need the glass from the inside, need a piece of scrapbook paper, and then we're also gonna use a super glue. Great. You ready to get started? Yeah, let's do it. All right, we're gonna take our paint Give you a brush. We're going to dual paint this together. Now you said this is chalk paint. Does that mean we could write on this? So it's technically mavis chalk. OK. So it's totally different. It gives it that chalky, like almost like a old vintage look. Which I like but it doesn't have that shine Finish like an acrylic paint one. So go ahead and stick your brush in. We're just gonna go ahead and spread it out. And also the great part again, you don't have to prime it. Right? So there's no primer on it, and it goes on pretty evenly, so I find that sometimes I don't even have to do a second coat with it, and it dries in anywhere from like 10-15 minutes. Wow. So once we get this guy painted, we're gonna set it aside and let it dry and we've got it dry and ready for us. Now, would you recommend the foam brush with this if you were- Yeah, do a foam brush. I like them because they're inexpensive, you can use them a few times and throw them away. We really often make a really good wire wrinkle brush And I love that. When I'm doing bigger pieces. Okay. If I'm using it from like a piece of furniture I'll use that then but some brushes to me are just so easy, inexpensive, you can toss them after a few uses. Especially if you're working with kids these are really easy for them to hold and then to use. So if we were using a frame that would had a shine near finish. Would you Am I sanding it a little bit? Would that matter with the paint sticking? So if you have a frame that you actually don't like the paint or don't like the finish on it, grab a piece of sand paper, go ahead and sand it down. Okay. So you take the finish off of it, and then you can come back in with something like this chalk paint to give it a whole new look. Perfect. All right, we're pretty much got this guy painted, but For the magic of Facebook live, we want to having been much earlier. > You are so prepared. As you can see we already got one done. As you can see this one has a little more of a shiny finish because we wet over with modge podge. So we did a coat of modge podge after it was dry. We'll let that modge podge sit on there for about ten to fifteen Now we're gonna flip this guy over. Remember we talked about using scrapbook paper? Yeah. It's beautiful. I would have [UNKNOWN]. You've got a little bit of gold, a little shimmer in there, but here's where you can personalize. If you don't want to use scrapbook paper, you could actually put together a collage of pictures of you and Mom. Yeah, perfect! Or you could actually draw a picture, if it's for kids, let them draw a picture for mom. Great. So we've got our piece of glass, we're go ahead and put that glass in there, help me out with that, push back our pieces. All right, we're gonna put our scrapbook paper in, and then what we did, what you'll notice is that we don't actually have the frame backing Cuz those springs usually have the sand on them? Right. And it can allow them to lay flat. So we took a regular, just old piece of construction paper, excuse me, cardboard, and we cut out some boxes. We cut it to the inside. We're gonna use that. [CROSSTALK] Cardstock. Now we could also, too, use a scrapbook paper, and kinda do it as a border for our photo too, right? Absolutely. If we wanted to kinda mix it up a little bit About this project, you just have to get creative. You could customize it in a million different ways and based on whatever Mom's style is. Yeah, of course. Okay, so we're flipping this guy back over. You could see, still looks like a regular old- I love those colors together. Frame, right? I love it, [INAUDIBLE] wanna go to the beach. Yes, perfect Mother's Day colors. All right, so we're coming back to our heart. Silverware. So grab your hardware. Okay. And we're going to use superglue. And you can use other things like E, that 6,000 glue. Right. Which is pretty adhesive. I probably wouldn't use a hot glue. Okay. Because it leaves some extra residue. So what we're going to do, is we are going to take our superglue, we're going to fill up around the edges So what you'll see is there's ridges there. We're gonna make sure that we cover that. All the way around, okay? I'm gonna let you start on that one. Okay. Now if we were gonna be super precise, we could have a ruler and measure out- [LAUGH] << But I like to eyeball things. So, we're gonna go ahead and set that down about half way Just center right there. This might also- [UNKNOWN] This might also need to be a parental supervision step. So if you are using superglue. Yes. [LAUGH] You don't want them to glue their hands together. That would not be a good Mother's Day. I know. Go ahead and snap that on. Make sure that they're about even There we go. Then we're gonna want to let this sit for about 30 minutes to let that superglue harden. Then we ready to give it as a gift to Mom for Mother's Day. Great. I know Brennan is gonna come show us some samples. We've got a few People could get some inspiration, and some ideas. So this one, I'll show you, is definitely a unique- Wow, I love this shape! Right? And what we did with this, is we used the chalk paint. We just used two different colors from [UNKNOWN]. We did a first layer, and then we took a sponge and we just sponged the white on top of it. It's a very simple, different Scrapbook paper. I love this. I love this. Is there like a weight limit when it comes to these trays, Lynn? Is there something you recommend? If you have a sturdy piece of glass, I wouldn't go ahead and put something super heavy on it. You want to think about glass, if it's a thick piece of glass you've got a little bit more leverage. Just be careful with it. These are meant for light things, so a cell phone on there, small plant, put in some jewelry, your keys, things like that. We've got one more Now I love this one. So we actually stained the wood on this one. So this is a little bit more of a formal look, so it's got that rustic appeal. Yeah I love this. This is one of my favorites. And we could just make multiple of these, you can give mom like four, she'll have them everywhere. I have them all over my house, like every room. Room. I just customize for the look and feel of every room that I need them for. That is fantastic! It's super simple. You can complete this project in under 30 minutes. Okay, great. Nice and easy. Well, if you wanna tell us a little bit more about what Craft Box Girls is doing. Absolutely. I know y'all have so much going on on the docket and there's this really cool new Apple TV app, right? Yeah, so we're all about Okay a simple and easy project that the everyday person can complete. Okay. And one of those things is creating easy video tutorials, we found that people love to watch how to make something. Alright. So we decided we were going to develop an Apple TV application. ANd when we got into it we were like we don't even know how but we are going to make it work. So last week we actually launched Craftbox Girls TV which is really exciting. That's exciting. So if you have an Apple TV, go to the app store, and you can download the app for free, and then we've got tons of different how to videos. So everything from crafts to home decor projects, like I said, to things for your kids, to [UNKNOWN] to cocktails, watch them all for free, everyone app is free. Wow, that sounds exciting. All different fun and cool projects, some of the things that anyone and everyone can Can do. So we've got a lot going on. Again, go over to our Facebook page. You'll be able to see the different things. So, Yay. And you'll be able to find out more about how you can download the Apple TV app. Definitely, definitely. So what has been your favorite project so far that you've done that we can kind of tell our viewers to go check out? My gosh. [LAUGH] Wow, I mean I do like ten projects a week. So I have to say I'm really into front door decor right now. So we actually did one. I [UNKNOWN] last week. Yeah. So we turned a mason jar into a hanging vase. But then I also just turned a hose into a vase. My gosh. So I had an extra piece of hose in our garage Wow it up, put some flowers on it, tie a burlap ribbon. It is super cute. You made a wreath on your door? Yes. That's fantastic. I know I just turned a clear umbrella into one as well. We filled it with flowers, [CROSSTALK] and had to spruce up the front door. It's spring, people are having guests coming over, so it's that first impression Your front door to just be beautiful. And y'all can kind of keep a lookout, a little sneak peek, we have Lynn's Mason jar hanging door project coming up on pretty soon. So be on the lookout for that. So, as y'all can see, this was such a short tutorial. Absolutely. So easy, and it's just so beautiful. And it turns into this gorgeous tray for Mom. And, yeah, thank you so much Lynn for showing us how to make. And don't forget viewers, [UNKNOWN] subscribe. You can [UNKNOWN] subscribe button on the right now on the video that you're watching. So you can check out all the southern living videos on our Facebook. Yes, of course, thank you so much for joining us, and thank you for joining us. We hope you all have a great day and enjoy your Mother's Day.
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