Winter White Blooms

Their brightness will energize your home and garden.

Ellen Ruoff Riley / Photography Joseph De Sciose / Styling Buffy Hargett
Winter Whites

Winter's garden feigns quiet slumber. In reality, though, it's catapulting the New Year into four seasons of floral profusion. As the first petals face the world, the landscape begins its progression of nonstop color.

The Southern spirit of each season can be captured in a dominant shade. Right this minute, white flowers abound. In spring, the world erupts with a flurry of pink. Summer's cool blues offer a reprieve from heat, and the first hint of gold promises autumn's onset. Now and in the coming months, we will celebrate each one in its time, explaining how you can keep your world blooming throughout the year.

Creamy vanilla primroses bundle uncomplicated charm and innocence in the petals of a flower. The Upper South enjoys these happy plants as perennials under trees and shrubs. The rest of us appreciate them as seasonal potted plants.

Primroses prefer cool weather and damp soil. If you choose to keep them indoors, find a chilly windowsill, and water the soil as it begins to dry. Outdoors, they snuggle into containers and thrive, provided they don't suffer a hard freeze. Again, moisture is key. For the longest bloom time, peek down between the petals in search of buds when buying plants; you'll be rewarded with several months of easy-care flowers.