Winter White Blooms

Their brightness will energize your home and garden.

Ellen Ruoff Riley / Photography Joseph De Sciose / Styling Buffy Hargett
Winter Whites

Pansies and Violas
Facing winter without flinching, these flowers are tenacious against cold, undemanding, and endlessly cheerful with snowy white blooms. New crops appear in stores for immediate planting and last willingly through spring's unpredictable behavior. To really appreciate your flowers, fill containers, and keep them close to entries and paths you pass by frequently. Pick them in copious amounts for indoor bouquets; this encourages new buds.

These flowers drift across the landscape in clouds of whiteness. Plant them on the edge of a walkway, or let them tumble over a wall. Their drought-tough nature makes them the perfect choice for a chronically dry spot.

If there's a belle of the winter ball, pearly white camellias preside over the season. These iconic Lower and Coastal South flowers personify timeless elegance. In these areas, they require protection from hot sun--especially their roots. Plant them under the canopy of tall shade trees or on the north side of your home. In the coldest regions, indulge in one as a container plant. Keep it away from harsh winds, and move it into a garage when a freeze is predicted. It is worth every moment of fuss to see this magnificent flower unfold.