Photo: Robbie Caponetto

Fill the void once occupied by holiday decor with this quick fix from your garden center.

Southern Living

The Display: English ivy topiaries that are pretrained on metal forms, like the lollipop and globe shapes shown here take up little space but add big flair. To display, line the bottom of a decorative container with plastic. Then slip in the nursery pot—no replanting needed. Top with sheet moss to hide the soil and for a more finished look.

The Care: English ivy does best near a bright window and can be enjoyed indoors for short periods if you wet (not mist) the leaves each week to keep them from drying out, which will invite spider mites. To water your plant, remove it from the decorative container, water it, let it drain, and return it to the cachepot.

Editor's Tip: The best way to perk up houseplants this time of year is to water them well and then move them outside for a few hours on a warm, sunny day.

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