Three Great Gates

Mix-and-match gate styles yield one terrific look.

Rebecca Bull Reed
Three Great Gates
The front gate echoes the home's architecture. A new and improved bluestone walk leads guests to the door and is wider than the service path.
Joseph De Sciose / Styling: Scott Martin

1. Greet Friends
A Williamsburg-inspired gate was chosen for the main entry. The chamfered, or beveled, finials "are a great place for the eye to land as guests head up the bluestone walk," says Jeremy. Pickets within the gate, set at 45-degree angles, add another decorative and historical touch.

2. Made for Me
Continuing the lines of the cattle-rail fence, the second gate, located near the drive, is designed to be less obvious to visitors so they head toward the main front walk instead. This is the gate David uses each day going to his car. "Like the others, it was built to withstand years of use," says Jeremy.