Instant Garden Transformation

Associate Garden Editor Rebecca Reed shows how container gardens can instantly transform your yard for a party or event.


[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi I'm Rebecca Read, associate Garden editor at Southern Living. One of the easiest ways to dip your toes into the gardening pool is with containers. Thomaston, Georgia entrepreneur, Carmen Johnston, has made container design and garden staging for others her business. Here are three of her ideas. [MUSIC] Before, the front of this home was really bland. [MUSIC] But check out what window boxes, well-placed containers, and a bed of summer snapdragons can do. While nice and clean, this back door wasn't very welcoming. But how about now? Carmen used bagged pea gravel to create a makeshift sitting area. French wire furniture adds charm and a hay rack hanging basket, planted with herbs, just steps away from the kitchen sink, sends a believable, "Sure, it always looks like this" signal. Let's face it. We all have stuff, especially when we have kids. But, if you're trying to make a positive impression, pack it away. This blank fence is made better with oversized containers and wood framed lanterns that hold not only candles but also succulents. [MUSIC] More pea gravel, and a water feature made from an urn give guests another area for gathering. To learn more about gardening, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine, and visit
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