Garden Before and Afters

Associate Garden Editor Rebecca Reed shows you how to increase your home's curb and backyard appeal with a garden makeover.


Hi, I'm Rebecca Reid, Associate Garden Editor at Southern Living. Curb appeal. We all want it. Whether you're redoing the entire front of your home or just installing a new flower bed around back. There are tricks to making your redo marvelous. Here are some of our favorite before and afters. Pretty up your parking. No other area outside the front door gets more use than where you park. Shouldn't it look great and be efficient? This multifunctional space is great looking now but check out what these homeowners started with. There was no place to park except in the drive. The front concrete stoop wasn't very functional either. Now, there's plenty of room for parking, a place for waiting on carpool. And even a safe place for the kids to play. Here's a tip, size your space to the type of car you drive. While, 10 by 20 feet is standard, big SUVs and trucks should be allotted a 12 by 25 foot space. [MUSIC] Garden in a weekend. There is no better time to plant than Fall, with Spring running a close second. I know it's hard to give up a good football weekend, but this homeowner tackled a backyard bare spot in just one day. Before, the area along the garage was barren, with the exception of a trellis, bench, and a little mondo grass. After amending the soil, and replanting this 20 by 90 foot space, there was something to cheer about. About a month later, the snap dragons had filled out. And it looked like this. Fast forward to Spring, and voila, a bed of blooming tulips. One of the benefits to planting in the Fall is being able to plant bulbs. Can do redo. Packed with budget savvy renovation ideas, this one is sure to motivate you to take action. Now this is sad. Plants, paint, and a new pergola took this entry garden from sad to sensational. A fresh coat of paint in warm taupe hides many of the home's imperfections, which before were highlighted by chalky white paint. The small windows appear larger with the louver-style shutters. The addition of the pergola adds architectural detail visually tying the structure to the home. And how about that color? Eye popping margarita sweet potato vine is a standout when paired with equally vigorous purple wave petunias. For more tips on how to make over your garden, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine and visit
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