Grumpy's Guide to the Southern Living Plant Collection

Grumpy Gardener is sharing what he loves most about the Southern Living Plant Collection, our very own collection developed specifically for Southern gardens. Here Grumpy highlights the classic pass-along plant, hydrangeas.


And now, The Grumpy Gardener. One of my foremost goals as Grumpy Gardener is to have all of my fans be able to grow gardens that are just as beautiful as mine. You wonder what my garden looks like? A lot like this. It's only better. Sissinghurst, Google it. It's S-I-S-S-I-N-G G-H-U-R-S-T. Now, how are you going to get a garden as beautiful as this? Well, one really great way is to choose plants from our Southern Living plant collection. Yes, we've actually chosen some of the best plants for your garden. We've chosen annuals and perennials and trees, shrubs and tropical plants. Because they really give you good performance here in the south, and they're available at a whole lot of garden centers near you. Two of the plants that I want to talk to you about are hydrangeas. And the first one is Big Daddy. Big Daddy gets its name because its flower clusters are as big as your head. Not as big as Grumpy's head because that would fill a room and be totally out of scale. But as big as your head. They are really, really showy. Depending on your soil, they could be blue or pink. And a plant grows to be about five to six feet tall. And what's really cool about this plant Is it a repeat bloomer? That means it just doesn't bloom once in June like most hydrangeas, but it continues to bloom off and on all summer long. So if you prune it wrong time, like a lot of people do that haven't listened to me and what I tell them to do is right They'll still bloom for you. The second one is a little bit smaller, more compact hydrangea. And it's called Dear Dolores. But as you can see from this picture, this is an absolutely beautiful plant. Who wouldn't want this in their garden? And like Big Daddy, it's a repeat bloomer. Now I gotta tell you a trick about these reblooming hydrangeas. If you want them to do that you have to keep them growing actively throughout the summer. If they dry out, if you ignore them, what happens is they go dormant and they stop blooming. It means you have to water them when they wilt, and then about every two to three weeks Give each plant a gallon of water soluble liquid fertilizer. And that'll keep them growing new buds and new flowers, And if you want more information about these plants, you can find it online right here. Wow! Our producer finally did something right. [MUSIC]
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