At least, that's what Pam Cunningham says. If this Florida gardener can fend off bugs and black spot, so can you. Here are some tips to start.

Getting Started With Roses
For success in the South, follow these tips.

  • Plant in full sun. The more sun your rose gets, the more flowers you'll get.
  • Roses prefer fertile, well-drained soil that contains lots of organic matter, such as sphagnum peat moss, garden compost, ground bark, chopped leaves, and composted manure. Organic matter is especially important in sand or clay soils.
  • Water roses deeply once a week, thoroughly soaking the soil. Do not wet the foliage.
  • If you don't like spraying, try the following roses: 'Louis Philippe,' 'Mrs B.R. Cant,' 'Bonica,' 'Carefree Beauty,' 'Souvenir de la Malmaison Rouge,' 'Hansa,' 'Heritage,' 'La Marne,' 'Pink Pet,' 'St. Patrick,' 'Moonstone,' 'Cecil Brunner,' and 'Carefree Wonder.'

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