How To Plant Tomatoes

The Grumpy Gardner shares how you should plant tomatoes to ensure the best results.


[MUSIC] So I got this beautiful Heirloom Tomato, Mr. Stripey That's a great one. It looks pretty right? It's real pretty. And I think this will make some great tomato pies. So now that I have it, I wanna make sure that I I do it right. Okay So who better to come to than you. That is absolutely correct. There is no better source. Tell me what to do. The first thing you want to do is here, let's peel off this plastic around the top. Because we don't want that going into a No plastic in the ground No plastic in the ground. Now this is a peat pot, and what's going to happen is the roots of this plant are going to grow right through the sides of this peat pot, and they'll never even know The plant won't even know it's been transplanted. Okay. Before you put it in the ground, just peel away just the top edge of it. Okay. Okay, like this, so that we don't have the peat pot sticking above the ground, because that will suck out the water from the plant. Okay, so I can see those roots sort of coming through there. Okay. That's good. All right, now Here, take the plant, I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do. Okay. Most plants when you put them in the ground, they tell you to plant them about as deep so that the top of the root ball is even with the soil surface. Okay. But tomatoes are an exception. We're gonna plant those deep. We're gonna plant those so that most of the stem, probably up to that point here is under ground. Wow, I've never done that. So i've been doing it wrong? Yes, but see fortunately you met me and now you're gonna do it right okay. Yay. The reason we want to do that is because all that buried Stem is gonna form roots all along it. It's gonna form a big deep root system so that the plant will be more vigorous, be more healthy. It'll grow faster, it'll grow more leaves, and you'll get lots more tomatoes. And we need to take these off then, right? Yes, I like to take the bottom leaves off, make sure we're not gonna get any fungus or leaf spot on this plant. Okay and so- in shopping for this tomato, I saw some that had tomatoes on them, is that- did I get the wrong one? No. You got the right one. Oh, I did. Yeah, that's right. Never a buy a tomato plant that already has a tomato on it. You want a plant that's gonna be putting all of it's energy into growing a big vigorous root system so you'll get a huge tomato plant later on and lots of more tomatoes. If you buy it and it already have a tomato on it, it's gonna focus all of it's energy on just ripening that one tomato. And then that's all it's gonna do. It won't grow as many roots. So if you have a tomato that's already on your plant, pick it off. Even if you have flowers, pick them off. For the first couple weeks of a tomato's life in your garden. You want to grow in nothing but roots. Now it's time for you to plant this tomato plant. So the first you have to do is you have to dig a nice hole. So now we're going to put this in the ground. Go ahead. Going in, going in, going in. It's about the right depth right there. Okay. We just fill in around with that Absolutely gorgeous soil. Are those beautiful. And there's my worms. Yeah. I wanna get her back in there, right? [LAUGH] Earthworms are good, earthworms are great. You got earthworms in your soil you know you have good soil. Okay do I want it tightly in there? Do I wanna pat it? Just kinda firm it down, you can do it with your hand or the back of the trowel. Okay. Okay. Then what we're going do is take the pine straw and just neaten up around the bottom of it. The reason for that is I like to have the ground really nice and clean. And also if there's any disease spores that happen to be in the ground, we've just covered them up with the pine straw, so when it rains, they'll stay where they are. They won't splash up onto the leaves. Ok. Perfect. It's Perfect job, I give you an A. I got an A. You get an A. Yay, can I have a star too? No just an A. Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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