Magnificent Magnolias

Decorate your home with beautiful greenery that will last throughout the holidays.
Charles Thigpen / Photography Van Chaplin
Magnificent Magnolias
<b>Accentuate your centerpiece with cllippings of greenery.</b>

One of the season's most celebrated plants can fill your home with Southern holiday style. With their rigid, slightly cupped form, magnolia leaves are glossy and deep green on one side and coppery, teddy-bear soft on the other. Their shape and texture make them easy to work with. They can tumble over a mantel, drape a buffet, or make a striking centerpiece for the dining room table.

If you have magnolia trees in your landscape, you can clip leaves and make your own wreaths and garlands. Even if you don't have a tree of your own, you can still enjoy beautiful magnolia decorations thanks to The Magnolia Company based in Barberville, Florida. This family-owned company creates handmade swags, wreaths, and garlands from fresh magnolia and distributes them all over the country. We gave them a call and had all the magnolia items used for this story delivered right to our door. By simply embellishing what we bought, we created great looks throughout the house. Try these ideas at your home.