And now the grumpy gardener. [NOISE] There's only one thing that scares gardeners more than pruning and that's showing up in England on national naked gardening day. Oh, my eyes, no. Let me give you a simple rule. As to the right time to prune any flowering. Tree or shrub. If it blooms in the spring time. Let's say like an azalea or a forsythia, or a spiria or a lilac. The best time to prune that plant is immediately after it finishes blooming, because that gives it plenty of time to grow new flower buds that are going to bloom the following spring. Now, if it blooms in summer. The best time to prune that plant is winter or early spring, because it blooms on the new growth. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a pressing engagement. I'm going to naked gardening day
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