How To Plant Strawberries

Learn from Steve Bender, also known as The Grumpy Gardner, how to correctly plant a strawberry plant so that you can enjoy fresh berries from your garden next season.


[MUSIC] What are you gonna tell me about planting strawberries? Everything I need to know. Okay, so we've got a strawberry plant here. Nice healthy plant. Now there's two types of strawberries that you can buy when you go to the garden center. One is called the spring or the June-bearing strawberry. And that one only has one crop a year. Usually May, June. But they're the tastiest berries. Okay. And then if you want berries farther along in the year, you can get what's called ever-bearing strawberries, and they have a spring and a fall crop. But the berries aren't quite as tasty, so most people just go for the early spring June berry. Okay. Strawberry. So basically all you gotta do is find yourself some good soil and dig a hole. And put this baby in the ground. And that's it. Now you said this is a good healthy strawberry plant. So how do I know what a good healthy strawberry plant looks like? Well, it has nice green leaves. It's got a pretty good root system on it. And, you don't want to plant it too deeply. You want to plant it just so the crown of this plant. The crown is where the roots and the leaves meet, about even with the soil surface. Is that good? Yes, then you just spread some soil around it. Fill in and just kind of firm down around. And then, very important. The last step is let's take this pine straw and put it around the base of the plant. Okay. Because you don't want the strawberries when they start ripening, you don't want them lying on bare dirt. Cuz they get dirty. And it just- I don't like dirty strawberries. No, we like nice clean strawberries. It just makes for a healthier plant. The mulch also keeps the soil moist. But most important, it keeps the strawberries off the dirt. So strawberries are easy. That was easy. Yeah, they are easy. Okay. How long till I- Even you can do this. Even me. So how long till I get to eat it? Well, generally if you plant them in the spring, or you plant them in the fall, you can be eating strawberries the next spring. The next spring, okay. Thank you, Steve. You're welcome. I'm so smart now. Yes, doesn't it pay to hang out with me? It does pay, yeah. Yeah, it pays. Dividends. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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