How To Pick The Best Tomato Plants

Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender is no stranger to the garden center – and he wants to make sure that you're not, either. For juicy tomatoes, follow his expert tips for choosing the best tomato plants.


It's Spring and that means incredibly huge crowds of people descending on garden centers all over the country to get their tomato plants. But are there some things I should avoid when I am buying tomatoes? When is it okay to plant your tomatoes in the Spring? Well, it's very important That you know the frost free day in your area because tomatoes will not take a frost. If you put on outside and that night you have a frost, in the morning you'll have nothing but [UNKNOWN] so, you You have to plant them outside after your frost free date. Now you say, how the heck am I supposed to know what that is? How can I find that out? People, people we are in the digital age. It's not complicated. You Google last spring frost date plus your zip code and it will tell you the date that it's safe to put out your [UNKNOWN] What kind of tomatoes should you buy? Well, there are two different types basically, two different classes one is called the determinant and one's in it indeterminant. Determinant, is like a one call celebrity and what it is, it grows into a compact bush and it wipens all of its Fruit at one time. And this is a really good type of tomato cuz it doesn't need very much space. So, if you don't have a big garden, it's good for you. And it's also the best kind to grow in a container. The second type is called indeterminate. That'd be like Better Boy or Beefmaster. This is a plant that never stops growing. It grows like a vine, and because it grows like a vine, it means that it needs support, something like a tomato cage, a post next to it where you can tie it up and keep it up off the ground. It ripens its fruit over a long period months after months, and will actually give you more tomatoes than a determinate would But it takes a lot more space and it's more work. Now you're at the garden center. You're about to buy those tomato plants. What's one thing you want to watch out for is don't bring home any unwanted hitchhiking insects on those plants because when plants are growing closely together Bugs can spread from one plant to another really quickly. And one of the worst pests for tomato plants is a little thing, it's a little white fly and it's name is Whitefly. Whiteflies hide on the undersides of the leaves. And what they do is they suck all the sap out of the leaf. And they can kill your plant. Not only that, if you bring an infested plant home they'll spread to every other plant that you have. So you don't want that. So what you need to do is before you buy your plant Brush that plant with your hand And if you see any tiny white flies Apply at the now you leave that plant behind And you run away fast and friendly A personal confession from grumpy I don't like raw tomatoes I never have and I never will so if you want tomatoes Go for it, but not me, not grumpy. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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