[MUSIC] And now, The Grumpy Gardener. [NOISE] People are always asking me, what am I gonna do with all these stink bugs? There's stink bugs everywhere. They're in my house. [NOISE] They're in my garden. How am I gonna get rid of them? Well, if you haven't seen a stink bug before, you're really lucky. But here's what to look for. They are shield-shaped bugs. They're about a half an inch long and they're either gray or brown. And they get their name. Because if you happen to squash one, which you shouldn't do, it gets its final revenge by unleashing this stinking order that's even worse than your teenage son's sneakers. Stink bugs are really bad because most of the pesticides that we traditionally use don't work on them at all. But now we have some new natural products that do. The first one I'm going to tell you about is called Neem Oil. Neem Oil is an extract made from a tropical tree called the Neem tree. Bugs hate the stuff. if you spray Neem Oil on a plant, the bugs will leave. The second one is a relatively new product. It's also a natural insecticide call spinosad. And spinosad, interestingly enough, is a by-product of the rum making process. Now the third one is my favorite method of all. Because it's so much fun, and it's absolutely lethal. What you do, is you go and you get yourself a glass vase with a wide mouth. You fill it half way up with water, and you add about three or four drops of liquid detergent, and to kinda swish it around. Then, scope out your garden. When you see stink bugs on a plant, what you do is you sneak up on them. You put the vase underneath the little stem where the stink bug is, and you tap that branch and he falls right in. And when he falls into the liquid detergent, he can't get out. He drowns. Isn't that great? But wait! Wait! I think I hear him now. Save me. Save me.

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