The Best Way To Control Fire Ants

Learn Grumpy Gardener's advice for keeping your lawn fire ant free.


I'll never forget this one time when I was visiting this garden with a bunch of friends and one of these friends was from the north. And as we're walking around, she was wearing sandals, and she came and she stood directly in a fire ant mound and didn't move. She didn't know what fire ants were, and I came up to her and I gave her a little nudge and I said You're really gonna love the way your foot is gonna look tomorrow. Because in the south we know what fire ants are. They build all these mounds all over your garden, all over your lawn. And if you step on one they come boiling out and they sting you like crazy. So now I'm gonna tell you some easy ways to control fire ant. Now I wish one of those ways was a natural organic way. I really do. One that would really work. The problem is they don't work. You can pour boiling water on the [INAUDIBLE] but it won't work [NOISE] Or, you can pour gasoline on the mound. Well, now, that's an environmentally friendly solution. [NOISE] Or, you might have heard this, you can feed them grits and that'll kill them. No it won't. Not even if you add shrimp. It won't kill them. The only sure ways to do this Are by using chemicals. So every time I list a solution that involves chemicals I get all these crazies from around the country writing me saying, oh you must work for the chemical companies. Well, so they gave me a yacht. And submarine, helicopter and that vacation home on the moon. But that was it. I promise. And it doesn't affect anything. I'm going to say in the least. If you've got fire ants in your yard, there's one of two things you can do. You could treat them the whole yard, or you can treat them mound by mound. On the mound system, what you do is you go to the garden center and you get fire ant killer, and you sprinkle these granules on the fire ant mount and you water it in and it kills the mound. Problem with that is it doesn't stop any other mounds from popping up in your yard, so you got to do this All summer. My way, which takes a lot less time, is you go and you get a bag of granular fire ant killer that you apply with your fertilizer spreader. You just go back and forth across the whole lawn and you water it in and this stuff lasts for six or more months. So once you do that there are no more mounds. So now that I've told you how to control fire ants you're going to have to excuse me because I have a cruise scheduled on my submarine. Adios.
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