The Grumpy Gardener's Guide to Awesome Lawn Care

Learn the proper techniques for fertilizing your lawn.


[MUSIC] And now, the Grumpy Gardener. As everybody knows, a beautiful green lawn is not only a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but it's also an indicator of good moral character. So naturally, you being of good moral character wanna have a beautiful green lawn And the most important thing that you can do in the springtime, to get that lawn, is to fertilize it. Do not use the cheapo stuff! Go ahead, drink your cheap beer. Drink your cheap wine. But don't cheap out on the fertilizer. It won't work as well. You'll be sorry in the end. And grass that's not fertilized well will slowly decline and disappear. So now we're in the garden center picking out fertilizer. The first thing you need to know is what kind of grass you have and then buy a fertilizer that's labelled for your kind of grass. In the spring time, grass blades are actively growing We like to use a fertilizer that's pretty high in Nitrogen. So how will you know that? Look on the bag. You're going to see three numbers there. Number, dash, number, dash, number. It may be something like 24, four, eight. What does that mean? Well the first number 24, is Nitrogen- That's the most important nutrient for grass because the grass uses that to grow new grass blades. The second number, that's phosphorous, and it's usually a low number because most soils have plenty of phosphorous and we don't need to add that. And the third number, that is potassium. Potassium is also important for the plant for it's overall vigor. And so that's why we want to have a fertilizer that's got a pretty good amount of that. Now you don't have to have this exact number when you buy a fertilizer. Just try to be in the ballpark with those numbers. So, how do you apply fertilizer to your lawn? Well, you could just reach in the bag and sling it out by hand but you know what? You're not not feeding the birds. That's really stupid. Don't do that. What you need, you need to use a fertilizer spreader. I recommend that you use a spreader that's called a and I've just I forgot my word. [Laughter] It's called a... Where's my book. I'm drawing a blank on a work here. Where is it? A rotary spreader. Okay. What you need is a rotary spreader, when you put the fertilizer in the hopper, you walk behind it It scatters the fertiliser, in a wide swat, so you don't have to worry about a lot of missed spots. What you want to do is, first go back and forth across your lawn, in maybe a North, South direction. Then turn about 90 degrees, and go across the lawn, in maybe a East, West direction. Completely covering the lawn. That way you'll make sure that there's very little chance you've missed any spots. And your lawn will all be the same color when it greens up in spring. Your neighbors will admire your moral character. And all your friends will come up to you and go, wow man! You've got some good grass!
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