How To Deer-Proof Your Garden

Deer are lovely creatures in their natural habit, like the woods, but what about when they're munching on all of your hard work? If deer get into your garden, they can chew the plants all the way down to the nub – which isn't a pretty sight. Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender has has gotten to the root of the issue, and is sharing ways to deer-proof your garden. Here are five plants that deer love to eat (i.e., avoid growing!) and five plants that Bambi hates.


How many has this happened to you? You've been driving in the car through the country side, somebody looks out the window and say ' there's a deer! It's a beautiful deer!' And everybody's just gaped. They're looking at this miracle of nature. They just think it's so cute, so wonderful, a gift And it is a gift until it becomes a commonplace sight in your neighborhood, and then it's a curse. Because deer like almost all the plants in your garden and will eat them down to the ground. So how can you get around this? Well, first thing is you got to stop planting things that are on top of a deer's menu. Number one is hosta, doesn't matter how much you love them, how much you spent for each one, you put it in the ground, and a deer finds it, it's gone. Plant number two you can't plant. It is a daylily. Daylilies go really well with hostas, according to a deer and they will gobble them all up. Number three are roses. You would think that a plant that has lot of thorns would be unappetizing to a deer and you Would be wrong. Deer will eat them anyway. They will eat the whole plant. Number four, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. You love them, so do deer. You can't have them. And, the fifth plant I want to mention is one of our Southern favorites, Hydrangea Hydrangeas. We wish we could grow those where deer are. Our wishes will not come true. Deer will chew Hydrangeas to the ground. They will nip off every bud. But you say, but I love these plants, I can't live without these plants. Well there's something that you can kind of do if you're willing to go to that trouble. And that is, there's a number of deer repellents that you can spray on the foliage. Some of them are based on hot pepper. Seems like that doesn't work so well. Others, believe it or not, are based on predator urine, which is bobcat and coyote urine. I like to put two drops behind each ear. The best one is based on rotten eggs. It makes the plant smell terrible to the deer, and they won't eat it. The only thing about putting these repellents on is they only last for a few weeks, and then the rain comes around, washes them off, and you have to reapply all summer long. And that can be expensive. So wouldn't it be better if you just concentrated on plan That deer don't like so I'm gonna give you five plants that deer won't eat. Number one, if you like spring bulbs don't plant tulips, they'll chop off every one. Plant a daffodil. Deer will not eat daffodil. Number two, if you want a colorful plant or a container or a sunny border, try Lantana. If you don't like that, plant number three the deer hate. It's one of my favorites. It's called Lenten Rose. It has beautiful evergreen foliage. Deer hate it. Plant number four for around your house. You want an evergreen? Boxwood. Deer will not touch Boxwood. And number five again, if you want a plant that's around your house, that's gonna give you some color during the winter time and be ever green, try a holly. Deer generally leave Hollies alone, so now that you know which plants to avoid, and which ones to use. You can sit back and relax every evening from your porch and patio, raise a cool drink and watch the deer destroy your neighbor's garden. [MUSIC]
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