How To Create a Raised Garden Bed

Do you have crummy soil? Do you still want to grow things? The Grumpy Gardener has the solution.


Now wherever you happen to live, the most important factor as to whether you're gonna be a good gardener or not is the condition of your soil. And the sad fact is that for most people in the South, we have really crummy soil. All you've got to do is you go out to your backyard and try digging into that stuff in the summertime, it's like concrete. Let's say this is the condition of your soil and you wanna grow things. What are you gonna do? Well you could hire a back hoe and have them come in and scrape off all that soil that you already have and spend a fortune or you could build yourself a raised bed. So that's what we're gonna be doing today, putting in a raised bed that will be productive even though the original soil underneath of it is awful. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add some composted manure to this garden. Now, the second thing I'm gonna add here Soil conditioner. Let me just dump that in there. Finally, I got some onions potting sow. What the heck, if it's good for containers, it's good for a raised bed. Now, we're gonna take this hard rake, we're gonna smooth it out. Gonna mix all those materials together and after we're done there is not a plant that will not be seduced into growing here. So in the end, why would you wanna have a raised bed? Well maybe your a beginning gardener and you're kinda scared of how much time and effort nd maintenance a big garden is gonna take. You could start off with a bed like this, plant it up, would be a lot less work but whatever the case and here you are, just remember all the soil amendments. I just love the smell of organic matter in the morning.
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