Easy Ways To Change Hydrangea Colors

Whether you want pink or blue, it's easy to change the color of your hydrangea blooms.


And now, the Grumpy Gardener. One really neat thing about french hydrangeas is that their flowers will actually turn color depending on the acidity or the alkalinity of the soil. If you have acid soil, the flowers will turn blue. If you have alkaline soil, they'll turn pink or red. And if your soil's neutral. You'll get half and half. But what if you don't like the color of the hydrangea you had? You got pink, but you wanted blue? All you have to do to change the color of that pink hydrangea to blue is make the soil more acid. And you can do that by getting a bag of garden sulphur, sprinkling it around the bottom of the plant, watering it in, and that will acidify the soil. And you'll get blue flowers, but on the other hand what if you have blue flowers and you really wanted pink? In that case, get yourself a bag of lime, sprinkle around the base of the plant, water it in and it will change the color to pink. Now dont expect the color change to happen over night. It usually takes an entire growing season to work. So what happens if you dont want to go out to the garden center and get a whole bag of sulfur and whole bag of lime what can you do then. Well you can go to the garden center and get these two products. One of them is called color me blue. If you want pink they will have one called color me pink. What if you have a white hydrangea can you change that to pink or blue. No you can not. White ones dont change. Suck it up soldier.
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