Healthy and Happy Myrtle Topiaries

Photo: Helen Norman; Designer: Loi Thai
Keep plants healthy, no matter where they're displayed with these tips for topiaries.

The Big Idea: Even if conditions aren't perfect (too hot at night or not bright enough by day), you can fudge for effect. "Even I cheat," says designer Loi Thai. "The key is to enjoy your display for a week and then rotate it out with another pair of plants so all stay healthy." It's a good idea to have two pairs, because while one is on show, the other can be pampered.

The Care: Loi uses his sunroom as a nursery where myrtles regain their vigor. If bugs such as aphids or whiteflies become a problem, he sprays them off with water in the kitchen sink and removes what he can by hand. Loi will also treat with Safer Insect Killing Soap as needed.

Editor's Tip: When rotating out your plant display, you should also literally rotate the plants, giving each one a 180-degree turn so it grows evenly on all sides.

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