Handcrafted Garden Container Centerpiece

Photo: Melina Hammer
Create a long-lasting centerpiece that starts with a handcrafted container.

If names such as Hewell's and Louisville Stoneware sound familiar, that's because for years these artisans have been turning the clay that Southern gardeners have cursed into containers that are works of art. Newcomers such as Joseph Sand Pottery have moved to our region to take advantage of this natural resource. So what's the secret to planting a container that's destined to become an heirloom? Keep the composition simple. To complement the green-and-white glaze of the vintage Ozark tourist pottery shown above, we combined 'Solenia Salmon Coral' begonia with 'Kent Beauty' ornamental oregano, asparagus fern, and angel vine. Water only when the soil feels dry. While begonias in the Solenia series are more forgiving than their tuberous kin, they will rot if kept wet. Fertilize with Dynamite Flowers & Vegetables (13-13-13) when planting, and place where the display is protected from afternoon sun.

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