[NOISE] It's that most glorious time of the year, that time where we put [NOISE] a remote in one hand and grab a beer in the other and watch [NOISE] football on TV. It's college football season. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Now you may think that it's enough for your celebration just invite friends to the man cave, turn on the big scree then yell up to your wife upstairs, we could use some pretzels down here! But you'd be wrong! There's one more thing you need to do. And this is a good idea for you gardeners out there. What you want to do is welcome all of your BFF's with a planter that you can put outside on your steps. And it's got all the plants in it that match your school colors, like this one here. You can see this one is a purple and gold theme, which is LSU Tigers' colors. I know that's gonna thrill everybody else in the SEC, but bear with me. These are all plants that come from our Southern Living Plant collection. The best plants in the known universe and available in garden centers everywhere. So, what's in here? Well, the yellow comes from Everillo Carex. That's the grassy-looking stuff. And then, towards the bottom, we have a dwarf Purple Pixie Loropetalum. And then up at the top, we have a purple Love and Wishes Salvia. But, you're thinking, hey, I didn't go to LSU. What are some planters I can make for my school colors? Well, there's plenty to choose from out there. You can look at salvias. You can look at violas. You can look pansies. You can look at mums. They all come in a wide assortment of colors, and show your Spirit. Now comes the really exciting part. Let's say that you're having too much fun down in your man cave, put together a planter by yourself. Our Southern Living plant collection is holding a contest in which you can win a beautiful planter and have it shipped to your house with no effort from you. All you gotta do is enter. To find out how to enter Go to this link, right here! Now I know what you're thinking. You're the smartest guy in the world, who's going to win the college football championship this year? The fighting Bobcats of Montana State! Scratch 'em Cats! Ohhh!
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