Planting Blueberries with the Grumpy Gardener

The dreamy taste of blueberries would be reason enough to grow them, but these native Southern plants can also add a little sparkle to your garden. Find out Grumpy's expert tips for planting berries.


Blueberries are one of the best fruits to grow at home. And we're always talking about that in Southern Living. You're a beautiful plant, fruit is delicious but people are sometimes a little leery about plant. I think of one reason might be that the bushes get pretty big over time they can get 7 to 8 feet tall now they've come up with these great new blueberries like the one I'm holding here and the solve a lot of Problems. These are called brazelberries. They are great container plants. And because they grow in containers, you can make the soil in that container exactly perfect for growing a blueberry. So let's get started. So when you're filling your container with soil, but you wanna do is put in enough soil so that when you put in [UNKNOWN] from this plant into this Container here, the top of the root ball will be about a half an inch below the rim of the pot. Once you do that, you put the root ball in there, you nestle it in, and see if you've got it at the right height. Then fill in with your potting soil. Tamp it with your hands occasionally to firm it, that's gonna eliminate air pockets. Now the final step I'm gonna do is add a little mulch to the top of the pot. I do this for two reasons. Number one, it gives the pot a nice finished look. And two, it keeps all the potting soil from splashing out whenever you water or it rains. [MUSIC] And then you finish. So take my advice to plant blueberries in container. If yu don't, you'd make me angry. And you would like it. If I was angry. [MUSIC]
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