5 Deadliest Plants In Your Garden

For a pet-friendly backyard, the Grumpy Gardener advises to avoid these 5 deadly plants.


Awhile back a reader sent me an email telling me about the tragic death of her dog after eating a particular plant in her garden. She wanted to know what plants are especially dangerous to dogs and cats if they happen to be roaming out in the garden. So I did some investigation. Proudly information in these are the deadliest plant. The first deadly plant is yew. No not you watching me at this moment. Yew y-e-w. It's an evergreen shrub is use to landscape around a lot of houses And it has these little, juicy, red fruits on it that are very attractive. But, if a pet eats it, or if you eat it, it's deadly. The next deadly plant is castor bean, this is a plant that's grown because it has a It has beautiful, exotic foliage, and it has bright red seeds. Problem is, every single part of this plant is extremely poisonous. In fact the KGB used to use an extract to kill enemy agents. The most poisonous part of this plant are the seeds. If your pet happens to chow down on these seeds, well you won't have to worry about its next meal. [SOUND] So the next deadly plant is a weedy tree called Chinaberry that was brought to this country from Asia. It spread all the way from the east coast out to Texas. It has fragrant lavender flowers in the springtime, and then in the summer and in the fall it develops these large clusters Of yellow fruits. Now when they drop to the ground, they kinda soften and get squishy and it might be something the pet would like to eat. If a pet does eat these things, it can mean a quick trip to the pet cemetery. Another plant we have to watch out for in the South is one called Nandina. It also goes by the name heavenly bamboo. It's very popular because It grows these big clusters of bright red berries that stay that color all fall and winter. Unfortunately, the berries are toxic. So if your dog or cat eats too many of those, he could be going to Heaven a little bit sooner than he had planned. Last on our list Is the lily. Now this is kinda strange, a lily has absolutely no bad effect on a dog, but cats find it extremely poisonous. So keep your cat away from all types of lilies or else you could have a dead cat and that's no joke. So if you love your garden, you love your pets, Keep them away from these deadly plants. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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