How To Make An Edible Spring Garden

Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender shares how to make a practical (and beautiful) edible garden.


Some people have flower gardens some people have vegetable gardens but what I think is very neat is when you mix up the two and you have both flowers and together. We're gonna be using leaf lettuce which is just about the easiest spring vegetable that anyone can grow and then we're gonna be adding the color with pansies' And violas. Like lettuce, these like sun and they also like cool weather. So they're perfect together. So let's get these plants all arranged in a pattern, and then we're gonna put them in the garden. So you can see our mixed vegetable and flower garden is underway. I've set plants out in a pattern I like. I'm kind of alternating the flowers with the lettuce. So the next step, now that I got them in a pattern that I like, is I just gotta plant them in the ground. Well, the plants are in the ground, but there's still a few things we have to do. Number one is water. Water them in really well. And then to get them off to a good start, I would probably give each of them a drink of liquid fertilizer. You know The blue stuff. And here's another reason why you should want to plant pansies, violas and lettuce together. They're all edible. Yes, believe it or not you can use your lettuce for salad and the flowers. And of the pansies and violas are both edible, so wouldn't that make a pretty salad? Does anybody got a balsamic vinaigrette? [MUSIC]
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