5 Awful Weeds with the Grumpy Gardener

Weeds are any plant that grow where you don't want them to – even if they're pretty or have beautiful blooms (we're looking at you, wisteria!). If you're living in the South, Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender has some great advice on how to take care of these five awful weeds that spread in your garden. From the South's most famous weed, kudzu, to Grumpy's worst-of-the-worst, Chinese privet, you'll want to take these weeds out of your space.


A weed is any plant that's growing where you don't want it to grow. Some weeds are pretty, some are a real pain because they take over your entire garden and ruin the whole thing. So if you live in the South, I'm going to tell you about 5 weeds that are either growing in your garden now And are gonna be growing in your garden and how to get rid of them. First weed is Wisteria. Wisteria never stops growing. It never stops spreading. How do you get rid of this thing. Well, if your Wisteria is a relatively small plant, you can simply spray it with Roundup and it will die. But how about if you've got one of these mysterious that's grown all the way to the top of a 60 feet tree. What are you gonna do? You take a saw, you go to the bottom of that tree. You cut the lysteria vine off right at the ground. You then take Roundup or brush killer, these are weed killers you can get at the garden center, and you brush Liquid over the cut end, and that cut end will absorb all the chemical, take it down to the roots and kill the plant, it's finished. Weed number two, and I concern this to be the worst weed we have in the south, Chinese Privet. The problem is it blooms every year. You can smell it in the springtime, it's kind of sickening, sweet smell as white flowers. And then it get berries on it that the birds eat and they poop out everywhere. And then you get a zillion seedlings coming up and it grows all over the countryside. So, how do you get rid of it? Exact same ways I just told you about wisteria. You spray the plant, if you could reach all parts of it with the round up. Or you can cut them off at the base and paint the cut in with round up that will take care of it that way. Horrible weed number three. The most famous weed of the south. is Kudzu, the vine that ate the South. So, how do you control it? Well, one way is with with these weed killers that I've already mentioned. You can spray it with Roundup or Weed-B-Gon or any of those other things. Believe it or not, you can rent little herds of goats Goats love to eat this stuff. And they come to your property, they kind of fence it in, and they just let the goats go to work. And they eat it all the way to the ground. And, as a bonus, they leave you with all this fertilizer. Number four weed. I get this question a lot. I have this beautiful flower garden. How do I get rid of the grass without killing all my flowers and good plants? Well you can't use Roundup because Roundup would kill everything. So what you to do is you go to the garden center and you get a product called Grass B Gon Grass-B-Gon only kills grass. So, if you've got a lot of grass in your garden, just spray it over the entire garden. All the grass will die, but your flowers will thrive. Weed number five that you will probably hate me For saying but I've just gotta tell the truth, are violets. The problem with violets is each one of those plants puts out about a billion seeds a year. And they all germinate and if you let them go. They will absolutely take over and nothing else will be there. So, how do you control them? Well, I've got some bad news for you. No weed killers you can spray will kill violets, just ain't gonna happen. What you have to do, is take your weeder In your bucket, and you go out in the backyard, and you just have to dig them up, roots and all, and now you're cringing. You go, but I got zillions out there, how long is this gonna take? Well, here's my advice, go ahead take your weeder out there, and every morning, dig up only as many violets As you can during the time it takes you to drink a beer. Thank you, I mean, how bad could it be? [MUSIC]
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