Why Didn't My Hydrangeas Bloom?

Hydrangeas define the South like sweet tea and cornbread, and growing them can be easy if you know how. The Grumpy Gardener shares his tips for growing beautiful blooms. They can help you to enjoy these gorgeous flowers year after year.


About 25 years ago, the South used to be azalea country. Everybody wanted azaleas. Well, I'm here to tell you that's no more. Azaleas have been replaced by these guys. These are hydrangeas, and the South is just crazed about hydrangeas. I get so many questions about hydrangeas, but the number one That I always get every year is why didn't my hydrangea bloom? So, I'm gonna tell you the reasons. Number one, maybe you planted it in the shade. Don't do that. It won't bloom in the shade. Number two, maybe you pruned at the wrong time. The newer kind of hydrangeas the re-bloomers they bloom on both last year's growth and this year's growth. So even if you cut em to the ground they're still gonna grow back and bloom. But most of you have the older kind. They only bloom on buds that were set last fall. So if you try to neaten them up during the winter or the spring and you clipped on em You clipped off all the flower buds. Now the third reason is maybe you had a colder than normal winter. Leaf buds are hardier than flower buds. So the leaf buds are going to survive and you are going to get lots of nice foliage, but the cold has killed your flower buds. If you have one of the older type of hydrangeas, the ones that form flower buds only in fall, those buds are dead. And you're not gonna get any more until the next year. But if you go out and get one of the reblooming types, those produce flower buds both in the fall and in the spring. So even if the cold kills them to the ground, they're still gonna grow back and bloom. So, now that you know how to grow a Hydrangea, and have it bloom beautifully in your yard. Every single year. All is well and happiness is yours.
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